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Leading On Purpose Leadership Academy

"A leader's role is not to merely preside over a team, but to inspire a sense of purpose." - Colin Powell

Leading On Purpose

Hello and welcome to the next level of leadership. This is Leading On Purpose.

You will find this program to be unique. It provides perspectives, insights, and lessons learned from industry leading executives, professors, coaches, and subject matter experts who have experienced and succeeded when needing to balance multiple competing priorities, align limited and constrained resources, navigate the complexity of change with the urgency of now, and leverage the power of collaboration to do more with less.

The success of leaders in these situations is possible because they intentionally align who they are with what needs to be done, why, and how. In short, they are Leading On Purpose. These industry executives and thought leaders, along with your online Leadership Coach, provide virtual mentoring on the best ways to identify and overcome the challenges of any day, while addressing the most pressing issues of the day.

Regardless of your title, the role you play is a leader. You are responsible for managing complexity, simplifying complexity, making sense of complexity, and to do so successfully means you will be Leading On Purpose. That is exactly what this 8-week fully facilitated training delivers – a sense of purpose and fulfilling the meaning of who you are, what you do, how, and why.

The program has been intentionally designed, from scientific evidence and proven practices of great leaders, to help existing and emerging leaders alike reappraise any long-standing purpose or uncover one for the first time. This will occur through the use of self-assessments, self-reflection, interactive exercises, online and real-time peer discussions, cohort-wide webinars, and application-based practice. The topics covered during the 8-week program include the following.

Module 0


Preparing for your Leading On Purpose learning journey.

Module 1

The Power Of Purpose:

Assessing your purpose and knowing its importance.

Module 2

Human Motivation:

From basic needs to belonging to contributing value.

Module 3

The Theory of Work:

It’s people serving people - the mission, vision, and values.

Module 4

Followership First:

Providing great leadership from exemplary followership.

Module 5

The Decisions We Make:

Aligning resources, decisions, and actions for success.

Module 6

Touchpoint Possibilities:

Realizing the opportunity in every point of connection.

Module 7

Facing The Giants:

Living with the perpetual need to do more with less.

Module 8

From Purpose to Impact:

Measuring leadership (and life) on impact.


Unlike other webinar-based distance learning programs that emphasize solo learning, Leading On Purpose is built around interactivity and community while retaining the convenience of self-paced learning. The program is guided by an expert Leadership Coach to help keep participants on track throughout each engaging and thought-provoking module.

“This course not only inspired me to be a better leader it gave me the opportunity to practice new strategies to implement and a great cohort to share with every week.”
 - 2023 Graduate
“Leading on Purpose is a thought-provoking course. There were many 'aha' moments!  Topics such as 'touchpoints' and 'facing the giants' were timely and made me realize how important such topics are and how many of us take those opportunities for granted.” 
 - 2023 Graduate
“I was inspired by the content and came away with several action items for myself.” 


- 2023 Graduate

When Is The Next Cohort?

We offer two cohorts per year, starting in February and October. Click on the links below to download program calendars.

What Is The Time Commitment?

Leading On Purpose is built to accommodate busy work schedules with self-paced learning. The 8-week program is broken down into weekly modules. Each module contains self-directed work and collaborative sessions designed to take about an hour each day to complete.  

In addition to videos, reading, writing and reflection, participants are placed in a small group cohort where they'll build their network, receive support from peers facing similar challenges and opportunities, and celebrate successes.

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