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The Leadership Webinar Series

The primary purpose of the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC) is to provide education and professional development programs and opportunities for its members. IIMC recognizes that education and professional development are important to every member and that educational needs are diverse throughout the world. The educational philosophy of “No Clerk Left Behind” remains in the forefront as IIMC offers extensive educational programs and courses through a variety of methods, including our newest opportunity for members: The Leadership Webinar Series in partnership with the Professional Development Academy. Any one of the webinars can be taken by itself or in a series format of all fourteen. It has been noted that each is beneficial and collectively they are a game-changer for Clerks facing increased complexity, constrained resources, and the growing need to do more with less. 

What Is The Cost?

You can enroll in one webinar for $75 or enroll in all 14 webinars for just $900.

Enroll in all 14 webinars & SAVE $150!

Earn Up To 14 Hours For Your EPP

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1 Webinar = 1.5 Hours

Webinar Series Topics

1. Navigating the Complexity of Change

2. Being Cyber Ready – Dissecting the Anatomy of a Breach

3. Strategic Thinking, Planning, Forming, and Implementing     

4. Aligning Mission, Vision, and Values with  Action  

5. Building a High-Performing Team on the Foundation of Trust

6. Bridging the Generational Divide in our Workforce               

7. Leading Virtual Teams – It’s Different                                           

8. Preparing for the Digital Transformation

9. Demystifying Data Analytics for Better Decision-Making

10. Managing VUCA with Mindset and Positive Leadership Strategies

11. Balancing the Science of Management with the Art of Leadership

12. Communicating on Purpose for Better Outcomes                

13. Applying Situational Leadership for Improved Performance

14. Leading and Following – How Teams Form and Culture Gets Established 

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